Press releases

29/10/2006Race 2Albuquerque puts an end to the suspense
28/10/2006Race 1Right to the wire!
28/10/2006QualifyingAlbuquerque by a whisker
25/10/2006PresentationJust like the big boys
Le Mans
01/10/2006Race 2Van Dam right back in it
30/09/2006Race 1Baguette rises to the occasion
30/09/2006QualifyingVan Dam hits hard
21/09/2006PresentationGroppi steps into the fray
10/09/2006Race 2Van der Drift not to be deterred
09/09/2006Race 1 – SupplementVan der Drift and Albuquerque penalized
09/09/2006Race 1A real first for Van der Drift
09/09/2006QualifyingFirst pole for Van der Drift
07/09/2006PresentationAnd then there were three…
06/08/2006Race 2Clean sweep for Albuquerque
05/08/2006Race 1Albuquerque claims first win!
05/08/2006QualifyingFirst poles for Albuquerque
28/07/2006PresentationSeconds out!
16/07/2006Race 2Clos’ loss is Van der Drift’s gain
16/07/2006Race 2Four in a row for Clos
15/07/2006Race 1Clos in a class of his own
15/07/2006QualifyingClos keeps run going
06/07/2006PresentationThe favourites start to shine through
18/06/2006Race 2Clos takes two
17/06/2006Race 1Clos confirms potential
17/06/2006QualifyingDouble pole for Clos
15/06/2006PresentationEurocup in search of a leader
30/04/2006Race 2Groppi strikes again!
29/04/2006Race 1Nice one, Groppi!
29/04/2006QualifyingGroppi straight in at number 1!
26/04/2006PresentationIt's now or never…