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The last titles of 2015 go to Pizzitola and Oregon Team

The last crowns of season one of the Renault Sport Trophy were awarded to Andrea Pizzitola (ART Junior Team) and the Oregon Team. While his team mate Indy Dontje (ART Junior Team) won the Elite Sprint race, the French driver won the title despite an incident at the start of the race and a penalty that regulated him to third place behind ex-F1 driver Christian Klien (Zele Racing). Andrea Pizzitola won the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to demonstrate his skills during the selection tests with the factory Nismo team in Super GT. The Endurance and Prestige champion, Dario Capitanio (Oregon Team) ended his victorious campaign with his third consecutive win in Prestige Sprint ahead of Christof von Grünigen (Zele Racing) and Richard Gonda (ART Junior Team). The Oregon Team took the team title.

Sprint Prestige: Capitanio makes it three on the bounce

On a slightly wet track, Toni Forné (ART Junior Team) made the most of his rain tyres to get pass the pole winner, Richard Gonda on slicks. Niccolò Nalio (Oregon Team) did the same, and then took the lead of the race on lap three. Meanwhile, Dario Capitanio did the same before taking the lead on lap 11.

Niccolò Nalio reduced the gap on the penultimate lap, but the two found Jeroen Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur) in their way. Niccolò Nalio wound up in the gravel trap and Dario Capitanio took the win ahead of Christof von Grünigen and Richard Gonda. Fourth place Max Braams (V8 Racing) was followed by Toni Forné, Diederik Sijthoff (V8 Racing), Antonio Coimbra (Equipe Verschuur), Andrés Mendez (Zele Racing), Jeroen Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur) and Adalberto Baptista (Oregon Team).

Sprint Elite: Dontje winner, Pizzitola penalized but crowned

While David Fumanelli (Oregon Team) held on to the lead at the start, the safety car intervened after an incident involving Andrea Pizzitola and Nicky Pastorelli (V8 Racing). David Fumanelli, José Manuel Perez Aicart (Monlau Competicion), Nelson Panciatici (Monlau Competicion), Luciano Bacheta (Oregon Team) and Bas Schothorst (Zele Racing) switched to rain tyres, las did Steijn Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur) on the following lap.

When the action resumed, Indy Dontje led and his team mate Andrea Pizzitola quickly moved up to second place. Comfortably in the lead, Indy Dontje took the win ahead of Andrea Pizzitola. Penalized 25 seconds for overtaking before crossing the line at the restart, the French driver was demoted behind Christian Klien. José Manuel Perez Aicart finished fourth ahead of Steijn Schothorst. In the very busy field, David Fumanelli took sixth place ahead of Luciano Bacheta, Bas Schothorst, Miguel Ramos (Equipe Verschuur) and Meindert Van Buuren (V8 Racing).


Dario Capitanio: “The start of the race was hard with slick tyres on a still wet track. I gradually picked up the pace and after passing Niccolò, the last lap was crazy. Jeroen Schothorst was on the line and Niccolò tried to pass me on the outside. I am disappointed he didn’t make it on to the podium, but my win ends an excellent end to the season. I am looking forward to beginning the preparation for the 24-Hours of Le Mans!”

Indy Dontje: “I was really surprised to take the lead at the start. I even thought it could have been a bad scenario for Andrea in the championship, but we made the choice to start on rain tyres contrary to his rivals. I was able to control the field on the restart ad I love to drive this car on a wet track. I am thrilled to have won and as I am thrilled that Andrea won the title!”

Provisional General Classification Endurance* : 1. Fumanelli/Capitanio – 115 points, 2. Pizzitola/Gonda – 95, 3. Bacheta/Nalio – 72, 4. Braams – 57, 5. Geerts – 49…
Provisional General Classification Elite* : 1. A. Pizzitola – 140 points, 2. S. Schothorst – 138, 3. D. Fumanelli – 103, 4. I. Dontje – 96, 5. L. Bacheta – 62…
Provisional General Classification Prestige* : 1. D. Capitanio – 162 points, 2. R. Gonda – 123, 3. D. Sijthoff – 109, 4. N. Nalio – 103, 5. M. Braams – 101…
*Subject to confirmation of the results following the technical and sporting verifications

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