Renault Sport Trophy - Hungaroring - Endurance Race

Victory for Reip-Cebrian at the Hungaroring

The Monlau Competicion duo of Wolfgang Reip and David Cebrian won the Endurance race of the Renault Sport Trophy this Saturday at the Hungaroring. Starting from third position, the Belgian winner of the GT Academy in 2012 moved up to second place before handing over to his new team mate, who got the better of the Renault Sport R.S. 01 driven by Steijn and Jeroen Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur #10). The pair finished ahead of the Spa winners and leaders in Endurance, David Fumanelli and Dario Capitanio (Oregon Team #8), as well as the team of Andrea PizzitolaRichard Gonda (ART Junior Team #2). Fifth at the end of the race but in the lead in the intermediate classification, Steijn Schothorst increases his lead in the Elite championship.

In posting the fastest lap during qualifying for the Elite drivers, Steijn Schothorst took the pole for the Endurance race. He set off ahead of Ghirelli-Bourgois (Zele Racing #9) and Reip-Cebrian with the Elite drivers taking the start.

Schothorst continues his perfect run in Elite

At the rolling start, Steijn Schothorst was overtaken by Wolfgang Reip, who went wide at the first corner. Andrea Pizzitola moved into the lead ahead of Wolfgang Reip, Steijn Schothorst, David Fumanelli and Vittorio Ghirelli (Zele Racing #9). On lap 12, the Dutch driver passed Wolfgang Reip before handing over to team mate Andrea Pizzitola three laps later, who dropped to third place. In the intermediate classification saw Steijn Schothorst take the 25 points, followed by Reip, Pizzitola, Fumanelli and Ghirelli. Bas Schothorst (Zele Racing #11) was sixth, ahead of Luciano Bacheta (Oregon Team #6), Indy Dontje (ART Junior Team #3), Roy Geerts (V8 Racing #4) and Miguel Ramos (Equipe Verschuur #1).

A first for Monlau Competicion

The pit stops re-shuffled the order. Steijn Schothorst handed over to his father Jeroen Schothorst, who returned to the track with the lead ahead of David Cebrian, Dario Capitanio, Richard Gonda and Niccolò Nalio (Oregon Team #6). They got past the Dutchman and David Cebrian, under pressure from his pursuers, saw Dario Capitanio and Niccolò Nalio make contact and Richard Gonda make the most of it. Dario Capitanio answered back, while David Cebrian controlled their impulses to go on for the win. Niccolò Nalio and Jeroen Schothorst completed the top five ahead of Toni Forné (ART Junior Team #3), Antonio Coimbra (Equipe Verschuur #1), Max Braams (V8 Racing #4), Philippe Haezebrouck (Zele Racing #11) and Philippe Bourgois (Zele Racing #9).


Wolfgang Reip: “I am really happy with this result because it was a bit of a last-minute call! We lost a bit of time during the first collective tests and we were not expecting to win. The team worked very hard and it paid off. David did an incredible and impressive job. What he did in his first race in the Renault Sport R.S. 01 is massive!”

David Cebrian: “This is my first time at the Hungaroring, at the wheel of the Renault Sport R.S. 01 and in the World Series by Renault. I am extremely happy with this victory and I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be here. I’m coming from the Clio Cup and the transition is brutal. The car is a beast. It was a bit hard with the pressure from my adversaries, but I did it!”

Provisional Team general classification* : 1. Fumanelli/Capitanio – 43 points, 2. Reip – 37, 3. Bacheta/Nalio – 30, 4. Pizzitola/Gonda – 30, 5. Cebrian – 25…
Provisional Elite general classification*:: 1. S. Schothorst – 50 points, 2ex. A. Pizzitola et W. Reip – 33, 4. V. Ghirelli – 20, 5. L. Bacheta – 18…
Provisional Prestige general classification * : 1. D. Sijthoff – 37 points, 2. R. Gonda – 25, 3. T. Forné – 24, 4. S. Costantini – 20, 5. M. Braams – 20…
*Subject to confirmation of the results following the technical and sporting verifications

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